How it Works

Phase one

We’ll meet with you during the day to discuss the areas you would like to feature on your property. You choose an evening and we’ll come out and setup temporary lights to show you how your property will look at night with landscape lighting installed. Together we’ll choose lighting styles, discuss your budget and schedule your installation date.

Phase Two

After an installation date is determined, our crew will show up at your property to place the lights we’ve agreed upon, start connecting and mounting transformers, digging trenches to bury all wires.  Our method is very neat and non-destructive to your current landscaping.

After the lights are wired to the transformer, we will set the lights to go “ON”, even though all wires are not buried yet. This gives you a chance to view your property at night and see what kind lighting effects we have designed for you. The following day, we will discuss any changes you would like to make. If you want us to move a light, remove a light add a light…now is the best time to do it because all the connections are above ground and can easily be moved. 

Once we’ve made the final adjustments, our crew will bury the wires and connections in the most thoughtful way, always taking into consideration your plants, trees and irrigation lines and existing landscape.

Phase Three

After all the lights are installed, we’ll set up an appointment with you to discuss how the system works, schedule regular maintenance if agreed on and make sure you are completely satisfied with our workmanship. We pride ourselves in every installation, and we want you to love how spectacular your property looks at night!

Phase Four  

You call all your friends and tell them how much you enjoyed working with NightScapes!

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