Landscape lighting also called outdoor lighting is a cost effective way to emphasize the exterior beauty of your home or business and the landscaping surrounding your property. If you’re like most of us, your home or business is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. More and more people are finding that outdoor lighting allows them to extend the enjoyment of their exterior spaces late into the evening hours. The right landscape lighting creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere, improves curb appeal, expands living space and increases the safety and security of your home or business.

The Many Benefits Of Outdoor Lighting

Okay, now you know what it is. You’re thinking about investing in some outdoor lighting to complement your home or business, but you aren’t convinced. Let us tell you: outdoor lighting is a great idea. That’s not just because it’s what we do–there are many benefits that outdoor illumination brings to the table. Here’s a short list:

Increases Curb Appeal: Outdoor lighting increases the worth and resale value of your home and complements your landscaping investments.

Practical and elegant: Outdoor lighting allows you to enjoy more hours outside and creates an elegant atmosphere for entertaining. It immediately extends living space and allows the enjoyment of your property’s architectural features and landscaping throughout the evening and night.

Adds safety and security: Outdoor lighting increases the safety of your property and offers protection for your family and friends. Property illumination is a proven crime deterrent, discouraging trespassers and intruders.

Worry free: We offer the safest, most efficient and versatile lighting products and equipment available on the market. Solid brass and copper outdoor lighting fixtures come with a Lifetime warranty. System and fixture maintenance by full-time, professionally trained Lighthouse service crews is available.

Installation with no disturbance: Our systems are professionally installed with precise and careful attention to detail, with no disturbance to your property or existing landscaping.

Expandable: Lighthouse systems are designed to meet your outdoor lighting needs today and in the future. It’s easy to relocate fixtures as needed. When your landscape changes, it’s simple to change the location of a fixture or add new fixtures to maintain proper illumination.

Applications Include Installations & Repairs of;

  • Accent lighting

  • Path lighting

  • Garden lighting

  • Landscape lighting

  • Gateways, driveway lighting, walkways

  • Flower beds, terraces, pond lighting


At NightScapes we want you to feel like you have made the right choice when you hire us to provide you with outdoor lighting for your home or business.  We pride ourselves on excellent service and customer satisfaction.  Our lighting technicians have undergone thorough training, and are constantly improving on their skills, to bring you the best and latest in outdoor lighting and installation.

Your outdoor lighting installation process will begin with the products that we use.  We use top of the line brands such as Unique, Kichler, Vista, Hadco and Garden Light, so you have an excellent variety of styles to choose from for your residential or commercial lighting installation.   Since our technicians are always up-to-date on new technologies and techniques, your new lighting installation is guaranteed to be energy efficient and cost effective.  We use only the best in our installations and repair service, and we stand by the quality and manner in which your outdoor lighting is installed.

What will happen after I have received my free outdoor lighting quote?

The next steps in the process will take place after you have expressed interest in receiving a free outdoor lighting quote from us.   From there, we will schedule a personalized consultation to learn what you are looking to achieve with your outdoor lighting, because it’s not all about aesthetics.  We will then create a customized layout based on your needs and wants and what we recommend.  With our design process we can ensure that you’re getting the most efficient lighting system installed to make it a most cost effective solution in the future.  While it is true that many companies will use the same excellent brands and products that we do, the design is what really counts when it comes to high efficiency landscape lighting.  Our technicians are constantly undergoing training as the technology and methods evolve.  We plan not only for your yard, but also for future landscape plans that you may have.

Give us a call today at (702)491-6607 to get your free outdoor lighting quote and schedule a consultation with our professional lighting technicians.


When you need repairs on any of your outdoor lighting systems make sure you call us at NightScapes.  We can guarantee that the job will be done quickly and efficiently.  We have over 10 years of experience in landscapes and outdoor lighting and we have worked with all types and styles of lighting available.

What should I expect when I call NightScapes?

When you call us for any landscape lighting repairs, or new installation, we will start with an accurate assessment of your current system and any issues that you’re having.  We can correct any problems that we see, and help identify and notify you if your lighting plan could be more efficient.  We will talk the repairs over with you and ensure that you are getting the most from our service before we move forward with the repairs.

Our work and repairs are completed by a highly skilled team of outdoor lighting technicians.  They are familiar with many different brands, styles and layouts of landscape lights.  Our promise is to work in a professional manner, to ensure that the job is completed efficiently and within the most reasonable time frame.

At NightScapes we can make sure your lighting system is the most efficient available and running at its best. Give us a call today (702)491-6607 to schedule a repair on your outdoor or landscape lightingsystem.

Ongoing Maintenance

In order to ensure you extend the life of your outdoor lighting system, routine maintenance is recommended at least once a year. Plants and trees grow, lawn care can sometimes do unexpected damage, weather can also wreak havoc on your fixtures, requiring adjustments or re-positioning. The lenses on fixtures can become clouded, dirty, and smeared, which dulls the brightness and lumens. If this happens to your security lighting, all lenses should be cleaned properly. As part of our comprehensive services, we offer routine maintenance as part of new installations during the first year.

Call our lighting repair technicians today and tell us what you need help with.  Regardless of how simple or complex the repair is, we can get it handled. If you just need a yearly maintenance checkup on your system, we can set up a convenient time to meet with you and perform any and all necessary maintenance services you may need.

Why Choose Us?

There are so many reasons to choose NightScapes to install or repair your outdoor lighting system. As one of Las Vegas most trusted and referred landscape lighting installers, we have established ourselves as one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and reliable professionals in the industry.

We specialize in landscape lighting 

We are a licensed contractor 

We are fully insured 

We use the highest quality products

We offer One year warranty 

We install all new systems on existing landscapes

We repair landscape and irrigation damages do to trenching when we are installing systems

We provide responsive maintenance

We provide free landscape lighting demos, consulting and planning

We are easy to work with!

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